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Preston Atamanczyk / Attorney

Preston Atamanczyk represents individuals who have been treated unfairly or unlawfully by businesses and landlords. Preston practices in Idaho Falls and accepts cases throughout Idaho. If you believe you have been treated unfairly or unlawfully feel free to contact us!

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We are grateful for the chance to serve our clients and help them seek justice and fairness in their legal matters. We believe in meticulously advocating for our clients with integrity, transparency, compassion and persistence.

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Leland Faux

Congratulations Leland Faux!

Attorney Leland Faux, founder of Idaho Consumer Law Firm, has accepted a public interest position with a non-profit legal organization, Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.

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BYU Housing Update #2

I spoke with a representative from BYU-I’s office of general counsel (ie: their lawyer). He advised me that BYU-I has set aside funds to assist

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World Class Professional Attorney and Advocate!
I wanted to take a moment and share a lawyer stigma busting experience I recently had with Attorney Leland Faux! My wife and I were recently embroiled in a financial nightmare that caused us great anxiety and distress. I called around Idaho Falls looking for a consumer protections specialist and what I found is a kind, genuine and caring attorney, i.e. 1 in a million! Leland took the time to hear our concerns and needs in regards to our case, which he was very understanding, flexible and accommodating. He was knowledgeable, timely and thorough in being a voice and champion for us in our time of need. We will be forever in Leland’s debt for saving us from financial ruin and for his generosity of time, effort and expertise. So, if you are looking for a world class professional Attorney, give Leland Faux a call, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do.
Rick R.

Best of the Best!
We live out of state and hired Leland Faux to help us with a real estate dispute. Leland took our case and presented a clear plan of action that was ultimately successful. He knows his stuff and does his homework!! We could not recommend his services highly enough.
I found Leland Faux to be very professional in handling my case with a rather large health care corporation. His knowledge with Medical practice’s and procedures came in to play with this case. I would recommend Mr. Faux to any person in need, he will be honest and treat you fair. If you have a legitimate case he will take it, If you case is week he will advise you on the best course of action to take.
Leland is a creative lawyer who will put in the time and pull his resources to get his clients excellent results.
Mr. Faux is a very knowledgeable and creative attorney. His insights and legal acumen are invaluable. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
Mr. Faux is an excellent attorney! He took a very scary situation and completely resolved it for us. Hiring him was the best decision we made. He’s intelligent, patient, understanding, knowledgeable and professional.
We used Leland to resolve an insurance issue. The carrier had not reimbursed a valid claim in over six months and kept asking for the same information we had previously provided them. Within a month of meeting with Leland, we had a full reimbursement. He was great to work with.
He was very helpful to me getting through a medical recovery attempt on something that my Insurance ended up paying for. He stayed on the lawyers for the collection agency and he got them to dismiss the suit against me for their fees. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to debt collection legality. He turned a stressful situation into a positive experience for me. Thank you!
East Idaho’s best
Leland is very personable and professional and does the research for your specific case or situation. I spent weeks trying to find a good lawyer. Leland was worth the time and the money. I have and would recommend Leland Faux to anyone.
Leland Faux is by far the BEST attorney I have ever dealt with. I found Leland to be extremely passionate about his work! I felt like I was not just a number and that he really cared about me, my case and working to get great results. Specifically, I was BLOWN AWAY by a Demand letter that he wrote. He focused directly on the law and what laws had been broken by the other party. He had all of his bases covered, he referenced codes as well as past cases that related to my situation. IT WAS IMPRESSIVE TO SAY THE LEAST!!! Leland is also a very good writer. I used to manage a law office, so I am familiar with the field and I have seen the work of other attorneys. I told all of my friends and family that Leland is one of the BEST ATTORNEYS I have ever had the privilege to interact with and be represented by and that he is extremely competent and passionate about his work. Prior to hiring Leland, I had hired another attorney who had charged me a lot more and did not get me ANY positive results. In fact I felt like that other attorney almost hurt my case. I then found Leland and it was night and day!!!! The competency level was not even comparable to the previous attorney, even though he had been in practice for a lot more years. Leland definitely knows what he’s doing. I was impressed by what information Leland was able find out and tell me during my initial consultation call! Some things he told me during that call put me at ease and I felt better just after having the initial phone call. Just from Leland’s Demand Letter that he wrote, he flipped the whole case around and everything went from being in the other party’s favor to absolutely 110% being in my favor! The tables turned so much, that the other parties attorney articulated that he didn’t want to be involved with the case anymore and no longer was wanting to represent the other party. Leland saved me A LOT of money!!! He turned my case completely around and I am so grateful for the level of effort he put in and that I was able to find such a skilled, competent, helpful attorney. If you’re looking for an attorney to represent you… look no further! Give Leland a call! I don’t ever write reviews either. However, Leland amazed me by what a great job he did and how much he helped me that I chose on my own to write him a review. I don’t want others to have the same experience I had of getting an attorney that almost makes your case worse vs one that flips your case completely around and puts your in the driver seat. Also, Leland did such a great job with my case that he deserves 5 STARS all the way!!!
I had the misfortune of buying a brand new vehicle with chronic problems. The dealership and manufacture refused to properly resolve my issues. I retained Leland to resolve the issue from a legal standpoint and I couldn’t be happier. He was very open and honest, cared about my problem and with his experience with consumer protection law, led to a very satisfying resolution to my “lemon” vehicle. I highly recommend Leland to anyone dealing with consumer protection, warranty and lemon law issues.
I contacted Mr. Faux for help. He promptly wrote and sent a letter to the insurance and within a few days I had been reimbursed. Mr. Faux really knows what he is doing and I would highly recommend him to anybody.