Practice Areas

Consumer Law

Consumer laws protect individuals who purchase consumer goods or services. (Related: What is Consumer Law?). Some of the most common consumer case areas are identified below. You can also read examples of real cases.

Tenant Rights

Landlords want to make the most from their “investment property” and sometimes overlook a tenant’s rights–from quiet enjoyment to return of the deposit.

Debt Defense

There are a number of state and federal laws that protect debtors from unscrupulous debt collectors. Plus, you may have legal defenses to a debt claim that you may not have considered.

Criminal Law

Protecting your constitutional rights is important to us. We offer transparent help understanding your legal rights. Each case is unique and we will help you build an individualized plan of action to fit your needs.

Used Car Sales

Used car dealers try to get away with a lot of tricks of the trade to get you to buy a car. Some of these tricks are unlawful.
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Contract Disputes

Idaho lacks protections for homeowners that many other states provide. This leaves consumers vulnerable to construction fraud. 
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Lemon Law

Idaho Lemon Laws generally apply to new car purchases. In brief, the Lemon Law requires a manufacturer or dealer to repair non-conformities (ie: defects) in new vehicles. Learn More >>

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