Idaho Debt Defense

Why defend your debt case?

When collection companies come after you, they are not interested in treating you as a real person. They see you only as something in the way of getting money. Since money is what they are after, the goal is to maximize their profits. This means that they want to get as much money out of you as possible with as little effort as possible. They typically do not want to invest time and energy into proving that they are actually entitled to the money they are claiming from you. Debt Collectors may also employ unlawful tactics to scare or intimidate you into paying or they may include fees and costs that are improper or even fraudulent. Finally, you may have legitimate defenses or even counterclaims to the collection lawsuit.

For these reasons, it may make sense to hire your own attorney to fight for your rights and to demand fair treatment for you and others.

Attorney Leland Faux opened his law practice to help consumers fight back against unfair practices by businesses, including collection companies.

How Much Does it Cost to Defend?

It really depends on the circumstances and the status of the case. If you would like a specific quote for your case, please submit a request for contact or call to set up a time.

In brief, the amount it will cost to defend your debt depends on the circumstances of your case. For example, Leland may be able to take your case with no upfront fee if it appears that you have strong affirmative claims against the business or collection agency (court costs and other expenses may still apply). In other cases, Leland may be able to take your case at a reasonable flat fee or a standard hourly basis. Once Leland takes your case, the goal is to defend the case as vigorously possible to achieve the best outcome.

If you have any interest in defending your debt or would like your situation reviewed, give us a call or send a message.

Unfair Practices

There are a number of state and federal laws that protect consumers against unfair trade practices by businesses, including collection agencies. One of the main features of these laws is that they require a business that violates the law to pay the attorney’s fees and costs of the consumer. This means that if a business or collection agency violates the law in attempting to collect money from you, you may be able to bring claims for relief against that company.

If you have been treated unfairly, Leland may take your case with no upfront fees from you (court costs and related expenses may apply).