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Getting Around an “As-Is” Used Car Sale

If you bought a used car only to have it breakdown shortly thereafter, you may have rights! This article will provide you with a summary of common issues that may provide you with some avenues for relief.

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Watch out for Door-to-Door Scams!

Summer sales are upon us here in Idaho. In this post, I share an experience I had with a Vivint door-to-door salesperson. I explain how this salesperson violated Idaho law and what that means to consumers who want out of their Vivint contracts.

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Letter to Judge

Unfair Limitations on Consumer Protections by the Courts?

In my view, the courts are potentially unlawfully impinging on Idaho consumers’ rights to attorney’s fees and costs. The law is designed to protect consumer from attorney’s fees and to entice attorney’s to take publicly favored cases. When the courts do not award these fees, it frustrates the intent of Idaho lawmakers.

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Idaho Repossession Laws

Idaho repossession laws are found under Article 9 of the commercial code: 28-9-609 Secured party’s right to take possession after default. 28-9-610 Disposition of collateral

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A primer on court motions

When a party wants the court to do something, the party files a motion asking for what that party wants to happen. The motion should

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