Update 1: Response regarding unfair limitations by court

On May 7, 2018, I wrote a letter to the administrative judge for the Ada County courts regarding potentially unfair limitations placed on consumers by the courts. You can read the details and the letter.

I received a very prompt and courteous response from Judge Moody a few days later. The text of the letter is below and you can view a copy here: 180511 ltr from Judge Moody.

Dear Mr. Faux:

I am in receipt of your May 7, 2018 letter regarding the magistrate schedule of default attorney’s fees. Thank you. I have scheduled a meeting with the magistrates who preside over civil cases in Ada County to address the valid concerns you raised. I will send you a follow-up Ietter after that meeting, but I did not want you to wonder what was happening in the interim.

Melissa Moody
Administrative District Judge

I may send letters to other country courts as well. I think this issue is important enough that it should be addressed across the state to protect the rights of all consumers.

I will also add that the Ada County Court uses some very nice letterhead. I may have to get some paper like that. Just as a note to myself, the paper is Fox River Bond.