I do some things in the law that I’ve bundled into little projects:

Law of the Brand

Short story: I help people in the online business world secure trademarks for their businesses. Visit Law of the Brand.

Not as short story: I was involved in the podcasting world for a while. My podcast was called “Small Business Stories” where I interviewed business owners about how they got started, overcame challenges, and found success. I didn’t know what I had planned with the podcast and it took A LOT of time to run. So I eventually scrapped it. But I really enjoy that online space, so doing trademark work seemed like a perfect blend of being involved with businesses, staying in the online space, and utilizing my professional training.

East Idaho Legal Clinic (in the works)

I’m working with the Idaho Law Foundation and others to put on a free legal clinic for the community.

DumbCases (in the works)

I want to help small businesses who are subjected to frivolous lawsuits for no fee. This idea is still in its infancy.