Idaho Telephone Spoofing

I’ll tell you what. I’m sick of telephone spoofing. An example of spoofing is when a caller alters their caller ID information to make it appear that it is a local call when it actually is not. For instance, you may see a phone number that has the same first six digits of your own number. It makes you think it might be someone you know. Then you answer it and are greeting by a telemarketer or some recorded message. I hate that crap.

Well, so does the Idaho Legislature, thank goodness. Under Idaho Code 48-1003(f), it is an unlawful act to:

(f) Utilize any device or method to block or mislead the intended recipient of the call as to the identity of the solicitor, or the trade name of the person being represented by the solicitor on a caller identification telecommunication device;

Therefore, if a person spoofs the caller ID to make you think they are something that they are not, it is an unlawful practice. Specifically, if I make you think I’m a local business when I am not, that is unlawful.

If you are victim of telephone spoofing, you may be able to bring a private action under Idaho Code 48-1007.