Terms & Conditions

By scheduling a personal consultation or submitting a case review form, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Consultations are held in accordance with Idaho Rules of Profession Responsibility (“IRPC”), Rule 1.18. The lawyer’s duties to any prospective client are limited to those provided in Rule 1.18.
  2. The online case submission will be limited to a determination of whether the parties will form an attorney-client relationship. As such, the lawyer will not assist you on the merits of your case. By submitting an online submission, you agree that we may elect to use your fact pattern for teaching, educational, or marketing purposes in publications, including online. In the event we do so, all identities and fact specifics will be anonymized and altered.
  3. For personal consultations, the attorney will provide a preliminary review of your situation and help you consider your options for addressing the situation. The Attorney cannot and will not provide any guarantees that any particular option would be successful. You should not consider a preliminary review to be a conclusive determination on your legal matter. Any fee paid for a personal consultation is not a retainer fee or payment.
  4. The formation of an attorney-client relationship requires a written, signed retainer agreement and payment of a retainer fee (unless such fee is waived in writing) and no attorney-client relationship will exist unless and until such conditions are met.
  5. Your case may be time sensitive. You agree that you are solely responsible for any deadlines related to your matter.
  6. WAIVER REGARDING POTENTIAL CONFLICTS. Consultations are conditioned upon your consent that information disclosed during the consultation will not prohibit the lawyer from representing a different client in the matter or any related matter. For purposes of IRPC 1.0(e), this term will be applicable where the lawyer learns during or after the consultation that a conflict with an existing client or an existing or future prospective client may exist. Where this occurs, you agree that the lawyer may represent the existing client or prospective client regardless of any information disclosed during your consultation. Therefore, the information you provide in anticipation of and during your consultation should be limited to information required to identify the parties and the general circumstances of the case. It should not include any admissions of fact and any facts presented during a consultation will be deemed to be merely allegations of fact.
  7. The lawyer will undertake no duties in relation to the preservation, storage, destruction, or safe keeping of any information, including documents, you provide in connection with the case review.
  8. An attorney will read each case review submitted. If you have not received a response within 7 business days of submission, your case will be deemed rejected.
  9. SALES CONTACTS AGREEMENT. No individual or entity may use a case review request form or consultation to submit a request for which the primary purpose is to solicit sales. By submitting a sales inquiry, you agree to pay the attorney for the time reviewing the inquiry or $250, whichever is greater. You further agree to pay for any collection fees, attorney’s fees, and costs incurred by attorney to collect this fee. To avoid this fee, you may contact the office by telephone and speak with the receptionist regarding the sales offer. As such, your agreement to pay this fee is in consideration for your bypassing of the receptionist.

Updated: April 28, 2021