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    Waterproofing and weather protection of the premises.Electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilating, cooling, or sanitary facilities supplied by the landlord.The maintaining of the premises in a manner hazardous to the health or safety of the tenant(s).Failure to return a security deposit as and when required by law.Landlord breach of lease, habitability, or quiet enjoyment rights.Failure to install approved smoke detectors.Other (or you or not sure)

    PLEASE NOTE:If you have checked any of the boxes above, you need to provide your landlord with a written 3-day demand. If you have not sent such a letter, you may learn more about How to Request Your Landlord to Make Repairs (including a sample) or continue with this form if you would like to pay for assistance with this letter ($349).

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    In certain circumstances, Idaho law applies enhanced penalties against a person who engages in unlawful acts against a person who is at least 62 or who is disabled.
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